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Hanging Scarf on Painted Bamboo Rod

Price: $175


Artist Biography

Sulin Bell was introduced to painting silk in 1992 when her focus shifted to this luxurious fabric for expressing her light and humorous approach to profound subjects. Her studies in sociology and psychology brought multicultural images and personal symbology to her colorful, unique textile artworks. Her work is intended to be used as inspirations and sacred objects for hanging, wearing, ritual, and home fashion accessories.

Her art, a combination of ethnicity and folk art with modern sophistication, has been shown in galleries and can be found in collections throughout the United States and Canada. Often given as gifts to commemorate milestones in people's life journeys, her work can be encountered globally.

The Silk'n Soul studio is located at the artist's home in Northern California overlooking a panorama of mountain ranges.

In addition to her work as a silk painter, Sulin has been a professional chef, cooking instructor and nutritionist for over 30 years. She helped establish Partners In Health, an alternative holistic health clinic in Northern California - which has since expanded to the Institute for Educational Therapy, a nutrition school and whole food Culinary Institute. Her catering service, Kitchen Capers, specializes in retreat catering and special events. She often works with a team of other "artists that cook." For more information contact Sulin by email at: Sulin's Repeatedly Requested Recipes, a booklet of easy, delicious, and nutritious meals, can be seen in the Miscellaneous section of the website.

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